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I’m New

Where? When? And how to dress?

If this is your first time, thank you for checking us out! We look forward to meeting you!

Our service begins at 10:45am & usually lasts for about an hour to 70 minutes.

There are several places to park.  There's street parking on W. Michigan Avenue or Grout Street & two parking lots at the back of the building off Joslin Street.  If you park in the lots, use the entrance with the ramp.

We do have many that walk to church.  If you walk, feel free to use the front entrance.  The front steps will lead you to the sanctuary where we worship.

New Heart UMC welcomes everyone just as they are.  Jeans & a t-shirt are cool.  So are dress clothes. Come the way you feel most comfortable.

After service, we often have lunch together.  It's free to everyone and you are invited to join us. If we aren't having lunch, HeBrews Coffee Shop is always open. Hang out & meet some new people over coffee!

*Please observe masks and social distancing

Our Worship Service

We are a casual, easy-going congregation.  We are a very diverse group & Pastor Melene is not the typical Pastor.  She has been known to improvise as the mood strikes.  We have a lot of kids, so we are definitely not boring or quiet!

Each service is different, but there are a few things you can expect each week:

  • We sing contemporary, worship music.
  • Each week we lift our joys, sorrows, & worries up in prayer.
  • There will be a children's message & the Pastor will invite the kids to come up to the front.
  • Pastor Melene will have a message for the adults.
  • Each week we collect an offering.

Before service, Pastor Melene has a time of prayer.  She invites everyone up to the alter to pray with her.  Feel free to come up and join or just stay in your seat. Either is fine. Do what is comfortable for you.